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Parent Fuel...
To Ignite the Fire Inside Our Kids!

PARENT FUEL equips parents to love God with their hearts and to lead their kids to do the same!

More than any other generation, today’s children and teenagers find themselves disconnected from caring adults. Now more than ever our kids need love, security, and support from their parents. How can we guide our children to engage in a personal relationship with God, with their siblings, and with you? How do we connect with a disconnected generation? Barry St. Clair’s PARENT FUEL will guide you!

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Take the "Parent Fuel Challenge”—watch the weekly 2-4 minute videos.


Download the Parent Fuel Resources and take the "Parent Fuel Challenge" for the next year.


Barry St. Clair—father of 5 married children, 14 grandchildren and husband of Lawanna. Both have experienced the death of their spouses—Carol and David—and blending a family. Parent Fuel was born out of these life experiences. Barry wrote his doctoral thesis on building a Christ-centered home from his experiences as a husband and father.


Barry’s lifelong mission has focused on influencing the younger generation to follow Jesus. He has been on the cutting edge of youth ministry for over five decades, equipping youth leaders, parents, and students in over thirty countries. The author of more than thirty books, founder and president of Reach Out Youth Solutions and founder of Global Youth Coalition, Barry currently serves as Vice-President of Global Youth Engagement with East-West Ministries. Thousands of churches have implemented his Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry strategy with a goal to reach and disciple as many as possible of  the 2.3 billion unreached youth around the world. 


Parent Fuel Book

Parent Fuel: For the Fire Inside Our Kids—In this book, filled with practical possibilities, you will gain a new perspective on your parenting and discover how to maximize your relationship with your children.


52 practical parenting insights from 52 years of parenting experience

Discover insights from these themes and topics...

1. Overcome Imperfections

2. Set the Pace

3. Tap into God’s Resources

4. Invest in Our Kids’ Lives

5. Expand their World

6. Set the “Speed Limits” that Lead to Independence

Take the Parent Fuel Challenge! Watch a 2-4 minute WEEKLY VIDEO for the next year! 

Tap into God’s Resources

Invest in Our Kids’ Lives

Set the “Speed Limits”...


"Parent Fuel is a powerful and practical resource both for parents and the kids they love from Barry St. Clair, one of the leading voices in student ministry for this generation. Moms and dads can shape the spiritual direction of their kids."... Read More

Louie Giglio, PastorPassion City Church, Author, Speaker


Discover multiple resources including 35 English and Multi-Language books. All of our resources align with the “Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry” strategy and training. Discover how these books, videos, and other resources can help you!

The seven Parent Fuel resources will give you the tools you need to parent well. Now, more than ever, kids in this disconnected generation need the love, security, and support of their parents. And parents need the resources to guide them in giving that love and security to their kids.


With Barry’s parenting resources you will have the essential tools to equip you to love God with all your heart and to lead your kids to do the same, as well as the answers to many of your questions. Because all of the resources are FREE, what you find on the website is all we can offer. If you do need ministry help beyond what is here, send the form below. No promises, but we will do our best to continue to encourage you in your parenting.

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